Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Drinking Songs and Poem-ettes

I recently came across recordings of Hillaire Belloc singing and it made me think about the lost art of bar singing and whimsical versification. So I've been trying to write very, very light verse every day as a sort of grown-up recess activity. Here's the latest:
I have a notion that this nation sorely needs to hear
more songs that are inspired by the drinking of good beer.
Not the raucous rock songs a piss-drunkard sometimes bellows,
but rather rousing choruses from blokes and their good fellows.

Seriously, though I think it's high time for a national pub singing movement. Local chapters could be called wePods and meetings could consist of singing and drinking beer and burgundy (but not too much). Every week the lad with the most original/most singable song gets to drink for free.

In the spirit of this, I've composed a drinking song about a man who's been betrayed by his chum:

I'll tip a pint to you, Old Friend, I'll tip a pint to you.
And, when I finish this one, I'll tip another, too.
For I remember you, Old Friend--yes, I remember you,
but I'm trying to forget ya, so, I'll drink until I do.

Here are some other poem-ettes I've written recently:
A Little Exercise
This is a little excercise
that I have under taken--
to practice writing verse until
the habit can't be shaken.

I wish to speak in couplets
and pithy epigrams
so that a rhyming rhythym
will capture who I am.

Two Men
The man who lives in ignorance
(through no fault of his own)
can claim a primal innocence
from sins he might have known.

But we call that man foolish
who will not seek wisdom.
'Cuz ignorant or schoolish,
an unwise man is dumb.

Going to bed at three,
is often a pleasure for me.
But getting back up at 6:30
makes all of my bones start to hurty.

I have so many balls up in the air
that I can't take the risk of looking down.
So even though I'm juggling with care,
I sometimes slip on marbles on the ground.

Now, remember: these are not meant to be good or profound--they're meant to be recess. Also, I'm pretty sure they'll sound better after a few drinks. The image above is from these guys.


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  1. I'm a big fan of the whimsical versification idea. Even T.S. Eliot had his Practical Cats... great way to keep the "poetry ball" in the air. Keep it going--I'll try to come up with some good poem-ettes (though the self-important stuff comes more easily for me). I did some practice Clerihews a while back (when I discovered the form), but they're mostly inside jokes only my high school buddies would get. I'll have to bring them all together for a wePod of our own.

    by the way--wePods--a nice satire on the pervasive idea of music as primarily a personal, me-first experience.


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