Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Robertus, Episcopus, et Confirmandus

Sometimes when I'm out visiting my public, random prelates jump in for a quick photo-op...


  1. I think it's because you lend a certain aura of sanctimony...

  2. The etymology of sanctimony is interesting, but debated.

    Some (most notably Dr. Morten Gage) believe it is derived from two words: "sanc", which is the past tense of to sink and "mony", a variant spelling of "money". Thus, sanctimony, or "sank money" indicates a capital investment, as in the sentence, "The newlyweds sanctimony into a fixer-upper."

    Others, for example renown philogist Ewerst Rulie from the Old College at Ova-Upon-Hamm University, contend that the "sanc" element comes from the Latin "sans" meaning "without".

    This alternative explanation accounts for the use of the word in sentences such as the following: "Dude, I can't go see the new Wolverine movie with you because I am sanctimony."

    The aura of sanctimony I lend is undoubtedly of the second kind, unless you factor in the massive of amounts of elective cosmetic surgery I underwent to achieve the physique displayed in the photo.